2017: New year, new wardrobe!

We have now well and truly entered that time where the “new year, new me” hashtag has taken over our social media feeds. So we thought, why not take on that approach with our wardrobes? 2017 style is already off to a great start and below we list the top five must-haves he and she should see hanging in their wardrobe this season!

Number 1: Stripes


2017 is having a pyjama party and everyone is invited. The ‘pyjama stripe’ has surfaced as a front runner this New Year, taking over catwalks around the world. The beloved stripe has never made an exit from everyday wardrobes, but this timeless design is blowing up in the fashion world, and will be seen on a lot more than your everyday work blouse. This one’s definitely not just for the girls either. Men, we can’t wait to see your loose-fitted chambray shirts taking over the streets in 2017.


Striped ribbed-knit dress | Ralph Lauren polo shirt | Black leather loafer | Red leather clutch | Striped socks | Gucci sunglasses | NYFW runway

Number 2: Vintage revival


Is 60’s-90’s style stuck in the past? Definitely not. It seems the further we go into the future, the further back in time our fashion goes. 2017 is throwing back to the leathers, abstract patterns, and florals for men. It’s time to get your hands back on loose fitted blouses and amber hued jackets. Perhaps even those orange lensed sunglasses that made their way into the back of the wardrobe are ready to see daylight again. Ladies, the choice is endless. New York Fashion Week showed an array of vintage styles which you can use as inspo, showcasing incredible garden floral dresses, cute cropped bralettes, neon, flare pants, and of course, ruffles; you can never have too many ruffles girls (style tip: frills are a perfect way to dress up your plainer outfits).


Silk floral dress | Neon leather flats | Ruffled skirt | Ray-ban sunglasses | Brown tassel jacket | Floral print shirt | Zimmermann floral bralette | Cartier vintage watch| Flare suede pants | Vintage street style

Number 3: 2017 all white everything


We aren’t talking a plain white tee paired with your favourite ripped baggy blue denim jeans, we mean plain white tee, white jeans, white shoes, and the matching white cap to match. That’s right – all white everything. You definitely don’t need a bright colour to stand out in the crowd; and this is such a simple colour to wear! White shirt dresses have especially been a major hit for the girls. Details on these pieces such as structured waste lines and ties removing the simplistic stereotype of all white wear. And surely, we cannot get over the creativity of the men’s outfits. Loose fitted clothing has been taken to a whole new level. Just stay away from red wine for this one!


White tee | Nike cap | Ray-ban aviator | Vans high-top sneaker | Cape playsuit | Tie front shirt | Wide leg pants | Street style

Number 4: 2017 socks with shoes


There’s been major waves of excitement over 2017 shoe trends; an ID Couture favourite being the socks with shoes. Yep, we are supporting and we are loving. Ladies, grab your fave pair of chunky shoes and team them with some frilled socks or even tartan stockings if you are in for a more dramatic look. You can even buy boots with socks that have been integrated into the shoe known as “the sock boot”. The men’s look dominated runways around the world for this season. Designer’s such as Versace shed light on a whole new way to rock and sandal and sock. You can still never go wrong with your everyday platform sneaker and a vibrant pair of socks to match. So remove that stereotypical ugly persona of that socks and shoes and be brave my friends; add them to your 2017 wardrobe.


Tartan socks | Black Dr. Martens | White converse canvas sneaker | Nude frill sock | Bow and buckle pumps |  Metallic platform heel | Stripe socks

Number 5: 2017 backpacks


Backpacks? Are we revisiting our youth with these trends? This gender neutral styled bag is perfect for every single season of 2017. Backpacks able to be handheld gives a more feminine touch for girls, something we loved by Versace and Fendi. Whether sporty, glam, studded,  ID Couture totally supports revisiting the backpack trend for both men and women. Not only do they look great, they are also undeniably practical and team perfectly with our other trends on hand.   


Fur backpack | Lipstick | Adidas sneakers | Sticker backpack | Men’s suede backpack | Black velvet mini backpack | iPhone | Backpacks on the runway

Let’s get shopping…

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By Sabrina Schultz

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