How to earn your keep – get both feet in the door – and sustain a successful career in the fabulous and sometimes ‘not so glamorous’ world of styling.


An uber cool fashion e-guide, ‘So you want to be a Stylist?’ shines a light on the unspoken topics of money, reputation ruiners and what it takes to secure a career as a professional stylist. From working with celebrities, to live fashion showcases, commercial projects for major retail outlets to personal shopping and coordinating client wardrobes; professional styling can present many career paths.

“So you want to be a Stylist’ is a non pretentious real-deal guide! It’s clear after a few pages it’s a resource for not only fashion students, but also teachers, career guidance councilors and training providers.”
– Clare Maxfield, Trainer & Director, Academy of Professional Image

“’Finally – an open and honest view into the career of styling and valuable tips on how to start and succeed in the industry”
– Simone Giggle, Director and Producer, Arc Creative

“ So you want to be a Stylist’ e-book is an invaluable resource for those first steps’.
– Paul Sergaison, Director and Photographer, 4005 Creative

Author, Tanja Mrnjaus is a versatile dynamo in the styling arena and has mentored a brigade of stylists throughout her successful career. And now, this big sister of styling has created a vehicle to coach, encourage and assist creative minds seeking a career in the competitive industry of personal and commercial fashion styling.

“I learnt many of my styling lessons the hard-way and I spent many hours in work experience and assisting other stylists early in my career so I could increase my knowledge of the industry and observe other successful creatives. This e-book is the result of my life lessons, my passion for styling and my desire to educate and support others in the industry, “ says Mrnjaus.

‘So you want to be a Stylist?’ is the new wardrobe staple; a step-by-step guide featuring easy to follow chapters and workbook pages for recording your light bulb moments and styling memories.

‘So you want to be a Stylist? “ – Get it on your desktop today!


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