Fashion and Tech

You might consider fashion and technology to be a bit of an odd couple at first, but if you think about it there’s no more natural a pairing. Fashion design, like all art is affected by our everyday lives, of which technology is a huge part. Like all manufacturing industries fashion will always be employing new tech to make better quality, better looking products. As for the consumer, many of us would find life near-impossible without our tech, so integrating it into our look seems like a natural progression. Our quick guide to fashion and technology will take you from the simple to the space age:

Laser Cutting

Though not necessarily a new technological development, laser cutting has firmly established itself as a technique in the manufacturing side of fashion technology, allowing the creation of delicate geometric patterns perfect for adding interest to ensembles.

Laser Cut


3D Printing

On the very cutting edge of fashion manufacturing techniques is 3D printing. Though products made in this way are not yet widely available, that hasn’t stopped us from marvelling at the incredible, sometimes seemingly impossible creations. These shoes pictured are by Italian designer Alessio Spinelli, who uses 3D printing to marry architecture and fashion to create dreamlike pieces.


Image credit: Lancia Trend Visions

Eco Fashion

New technologies in recycling and textile construction mean that recycled fabrics and new sustainable cloths are easier and cheaper to make. This sweet pair of pyjamas from ASOS Eco Edit are made from 100% modal – ‘a super-soft sustainable fabric made from beech trees’. Want more eco fashion? Check out our previous post here.


Image credit: Asos Eco Edit Instagram

Wearable Tech

The introduction of the Apple watch in 2015 marked the true beginning of wearable tech that was both sleek and functional. Since then Apple have released several collections of watch straps including a collaboration with Hermès which boasts classic luxe leather designs available in a selection of colours. Apple watch too obvious? Folks at Altruis have created beautiful pendants which will subtly vibrate when you receive a notification on your smartphone – perfect for reducing your screen time. Our favourite is ‘Vinaya’ in the metal of the moment, rose gold.


Image credit: Altrius at La Maison Couture

Main image credit: Lisa Shahno

By Leanne Walstow

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