How to pack like a pro

Before I continue with this post, I first have a confession, I STRUGGLE WITH PACKING! Ok good, that’s out the way.

Today’s post is going to involve some packing tips and what not to do when packing, as well as some chic inspirations for three different holidays, similar to the ones seen above from Nike Woman, fashion blogger BangBangBlond and WhoWhatWear.

Packing Do’s and Don’ts


I know I am guilty of this first tip: DON’T OVER PACK ON SHOES! Try and limit your shoe selection and make sure you take colours that are versatile and that will go with the majority of your clothes, such as nudes, tan, metallics, light grey or even white. Try and limit your choices to three pairs, and when packing heels opt for a wedge or a platform (if these are going to be too heavy, you can always pop them in your hand luggage).

Remember to pack things that can double up with another outfit. A simple black top can be worn with a beautiful flowing skirt one night and then chucked on with a pair of jean shorts the next day. Again, remember to pack things that are going to match with all manner of outfits and occasions.

I always attempt to outfit plan when packing, I find this difficult because I don’t know what mood I’m going to wake up in in two days time. That’s why packing a few basics/plain coloured clothes with a few statement pieces is always a better option. Try and limit your denim to a few options, one black and one blue pair of jeans/shorts. 

This leads me onto, always check the weather before you go so you can pack accordingly. You might be going to a typically hot country, but there’s nothing worse than turning up to find out its monsoon season and all you have are skimpy tops/dresses and shorts. Or visa versa, with packing cold clothes and it being hot. You don’t want to end up spending extra money on things that you already have at home sitting in your wardrobe. Just be smart and check the weather before vacating!

This again leads me onto the type of holiday you are going on. If you’re going on an activity based holiday, are you going to need your 3 inch stiletto heels or trainers? If your going on a city break are the strappy sandals ideal for walking around city streets all day? Do you need a woolly beanie hat to shade you from the sun whilst sunbathing or a big floppy straw hat?

How to pack for different holidays


City Break

Off Should Top | Duster Jacket | Culottes | Jewelled Pointed Flats | Cross Body Bag | Watch | Floppy Hat | Sunglasses | Nikon Camera |

I love this outfit because its chic and practical. The shoes are beautiful (and flat), perfect for walking around in all day and being a tourist. Culottes, I, believe are super comfy as they don’t cling to your body, you can take them from day to night by dressing them up with a pair of heels or even pair them with a converse or trainers for another day time alternative.

Sport Chic

Ivy Park Tank | Hoodie | Leggings | Sports Bra | Nike Flyknit Trainers | Duffle Bag | Flat Peak | Sunglasses | Water Bottle |

Athleisure is a big trend and shows the lifestyle shift within society. I for one, don’t mind going to the gym and then staying out in my gym gear all day (obviously spritzing the deodorant and perfume after a tough workout). It shows how active more people are and, luckily most active wear is incredibly comfortable. Gone are the days of worrying about being spotted out in your trainers, embrace the comfort of a hoodie and leggings.

Some other great sports brands include: The Upside, Charli Cohen and Fabletics!

Beach babe

Black Tank | Maxi Cover Up | One-piece | Distressed Denim Shorts | Bikini | Flatforms | Birkenstock’s | Straw Tote Bag | Straw Hat | Sunglasses |

I am the ultimate beach babe. I love being by the sea and having the sand between my toes. I’m quite chilled and would probably opt for the baggy tank and jean shorts, whilst I would love to rock a heel at the beach, I’m just too clumsy. I’m more of a bikini girl, but I love this one piece, the figure hugging waist would really accentuate your figure beautifully. One pieces are also great for people who may have problem areas or don’t feel confident to bare all.  This bag is the perfect size for all your beach essentials; towel, book, sun cream, sun glasses, iPod etc.

Do’s and Don’ts continued


If you are taking away valuables, I’d advice to pack them in your hand luggage. Have you ever watched the men throw your luggage onto the plane? Luggage sometimes goes on its own vacation and ends up being in another country from you. Limit your jewellery, electronics etc and be sure to pack them safely in your hand luggage.

Toiletries. Again, limit these to your absolute musts. It might be an idea to pack your favourite perfume, moisturiser, foundation, make up, and then buy sun cream, shampoo/conditioner, body wash etc once you have gone through security or when you get abroad. Remember there are liquid restrictions when flying so keep this in mind if you are taking them in your hand luggage to save on luggage space.

beauty box

All-In-One BB Cream | Waterproof Mascara | Bronzer | Eye Shadow | Cleansing Face Wipes | Sun cream | Face Moisturiser | Aloe Soothing Lotion | Leave In Conditioner | Dry Shampoo | Hair Heat Protecting Spray | Chanel Perfume | Mother Brown Travel KitGHD Straighteners | Ted Baker Cases | Passport Cover and Luggage Tag | Sleeping Eye Mask | Dr Dre Beats Headphones |

The must have Travel Well Kit


Mother Brown’s Remedy is an all natural ingredient “pick me up” when life is weighing a bit heavy on your shoulders. The Travel Well Kit provides you with the right nutrients to maintain a healthy routine whilst away. Our bodies not only have to acclimatise to weather conditions, but our digestive systems have to adjust to foreign food and drinks also. There is nothing stylish about not feeling well, so prepare your well being as you would your wardrobe.

Packing Tips


This is where everyone has different packing techniques, some people have a very strategic approach: iron, fold, then pack according to garment type. Some just fold and chuck it in (I’m quite guilty of this one) and others lay out 3/4 items on top of the other and then roll them into one package. The rolling method saves space and apparently stops your clothes from creasing (I think I may try this tip for my next holiday).

If you are still struggling with what to take on your holiday there is a cool app called TheVane it gives you recommendations on what to take away with you and even a packing list!! Check out their Instagram page for a little inspiration.

For more styling tips get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

By Aisling

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