How to style the Little Black Dress LBD

The Little Black Dress LBD has been around forever and will continue to be a staple item in every woman’s wardrobe.

The wonderful thing about a LBD is you can style it in many ways and with different accessories and colours, as styled beautifully by Nika Huk in the above photo. This is a timeless and classic staple so no matter what the event or occasion you’re bound to fall within the dress code requirements.

Below are a few options, both quite similar, both very minimalist and simple.

LBD High Street

Dress | Bomber Jacket | Shoes | Clutch bag | Watch | Bangle | Earrings | Lime Crime Burgundy Lipstick | Nude lipstick

Dress | Bomber jacket | Shoes Clutch bag | Watch | BangleRing | Earrings | Lime Crime Red LipstickNail Varnish

Keeping the shoes, bag and dress the same colour, paired with plain, elegant jewellery you are then free to play with colour elsewhere. Wearing a bold jacket, such as the two shown, adds a bit of edge to this timeless staple piece. Choosing a similar lipstick to a colour in the jacket also adds to the edgy vibe. Bringing the classic element back to the overall style, stick with a nude nail and natural eye.

Petite Shapes – Style Tip

Style tip for petite shapes: steer away from looser dresses as this may make you appear shorter than you are. Work with fitted/tailored dresses as this helps elongate your figure, give this one a try…

image4xxl (2)

Curvy shapes – Style Tip

Remember to accentuate your best features; A-Line dresses work great if you have a smaller waist. Don’t try to cover everything on your body because you’re trying to hide it, the LBD is all about confidence so love your curves and select the best fabric that drapes your shape. We spotted this great option from Asos

image4xxl.1 (2)

And for a little more inspo….


I love this combo, Carolina has kept it simple with the lace dress and adds a pop of colour to the look with a simple lightweight scarf.

NYFW-Street-4-12_143322213489 (2)

I love this shape dress, its very 50’s/60’s, Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Yasmin Sewell fashion director of has it spot on, keeping it very clean and classy but adds a statement heel to make the look more contemporary.


Accessories don’t just have to be bags and jewellery; floppy hats, fedoras and trilby’s all make great additions to an overall look!

For more styling tips get in touch we would love to hear from you.

By Aisling

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