Leopard Print is Trending

Leopard print is back and we here at IDC are all over this trend, lovers of the print whether it’s in season or not. All hail animal print!

The Pat Butcher look is no longer to be feared, although maybe steer away from head to toe leopard print. Kendall Jenner, in my opinion, is the only one who can pull off this look other than the almighty Kate Moss as shown above!


           | Vogue | Kendall Jenner |

Wearing leopard print can be quite a daunting prospect but it doesn’t have to be scary. Start small, see how it makes you feel, then build up and start rocking the Jenner look! Casual pieces and a carefree attitude will go a long way. I suggest a leopard print scarf or leopard print shoes/trainers for example, and stick with black, charcoals and darker shades.

See a few outfit options below!

Leopard Print Inspirations



Alexander Wang Jumper | H&M Leather Jacket | River Island Skinny Jeans | Leopard Print Trainers | Marc Jacobs Scarf |


| Kate Moss Dress | Stella McCartney Fur Coat | Christian Louboutin Heels | Box Clutch | Urban Decay Lip Stick |

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Ash McGuinness


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