London Fashion Week 2016: The Top 5 Fashion Shows

London Fashion Week begins the minute New York Fashion Week ends. LFW is notable as it adds a whole new flavor to the roll out of the upcoming season. As the collections shown in New York capture the spirit of that city, so too do the collection shown in London. It’s a completely different vibe that takes city trends, adds an extra dash of whimsy, and then takes a sharp left turn.

Again, we’ve done the hard work and scoured through each collection to present our favourite London Fashion Week shows! 

Topshop Unique

london fashion week id couture styling tiptop unique 2016

What I frequently love about the Topshop Unique runways is just how accessible the looks feel. I can piece this (or a take on this) together at home myself, whether I have these specific pieces or not. It’s a masterclass in the higher end of high street fashion.

Versus Versace 

london fashion week id couture styling versus versace 2016

Versus Versace has presented one of my favourite collections this year. It somehow manages to capture dystopian vibes, 80s power dressing, 90s grunge, and modern military trends in one cohesive collection.  The best part is that is does so without ever looking busy, inconsistent or too wild. It plays up every element in the Versus playbook just enough.


london fashion week id couture styling erdem 2016

This season Erdem has taken vintage silhouettes and detailing to create a series of pieces that can only be summarized as Medieval Bohemian flapper chic. It’s not the most practical collection of the year, but it is a stark contrast the 80s and 90s influence seeping into most other collections this season. It is a reminder that even the best of trends are there to be ignored.


london fashion week id couture styling mulberry 2016

Where Versus Versace plays up the 80s and 90s influence seeping into fashion at the moment, and Erdem completely bucks that trend, Mulberry meets in the middle. Baggy 90s silhouettes meet completely vintage principles in a colourful collection from Mulberry.


london fashion week id couture styling roksanda 2016

I love Roksanda’s collection this season because it is the ultimate chameleon; it could just as easily be shown in New York or Milan. Just as this show could’ve taken place anywhere, these pieces can exist anywhere. Roksanda utilises colours and shapes that are unmistakably spring to create pieces for all year round. This is a collection with something for everyone, whether it’s one piece, one outfit, or the whole thing!

Fashion is subjective and this just is our take on the week, and a starting point for anybody looking to see more from the London shows! Every designer has their own flavour, and brings something amazing to the table. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration or help, get in contact or make a booking with one of our friendly stylists! Also be sure to check out the id couture Pinterest page for further inspiration, too!

By Darcy Wilson

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