Mens’s Retro and Vintage Styling: How To

In our last post we brought you our Top 5 Tips for vintage shopping, and now to complete our guide we’re giving you our notes especially for guys, as well as our pick of the best places to shop retro and vintage worldwide!

For the guys…


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Suits: it’s easy to pick up a great vintage suit at a bargain price, but remember the number one rule of suit shopping: it’s all about the fit. Even the smallest tailoring misfit can take your look from dapper to disaster. Either buy with caution or be ready to invest in tailoring.

Band T-Shirts: another staple of vintage shopping is the awesome band merch you can come across. But before you get carried away check that it’s legit. Did Led Zeppelin tour in ’74? Did The Who ever play Madison Square Garden? Google is your friend.

Shoes: compared to the often rather paltry offerings of women’s shoes, there always seems to be an abundance of stock in men’s footwear section. Well-made shoes can be a great investment; re-heeling and a bit of TLC can go a long way in restoring quality pairs to their former glory.

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Where to shop vintage…

When shopping for vintage clothing you’re buying a piece from the actual time period – anything older than 30 years is considered vintage. ‘Retro’ refers to items that are manufactured today in the style of a bygone era. Retro items are available on most high streets and in the majority of boutiques, but for the best in genuine vintage check out our top picks of where to buy:

Fairs: A great way to get access to a lot of stock all in one place. Many fairs tour nationally so check out the websites to find out when one will be rocking up near you.
Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair (UK nationwide)
The Vintage Weigh and Pay (UK nationwide)
Frock Up Australia (Australia nationwide)

Shops: Often a bit pricier than fairs but with a more consistent high-quality stock, check out if the store specializes in a particular era before visiting to be prepared.
Camden Market (London, multiple shops within)
Beyond Retro (London, Brighton, Sweden)
Can You Keep a Secret? (Brisbane)

Online: Shop any trend, any era in the most 21st century way.
ASOS Marketplace

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Main Image: Can You Keep a Secret?

By Leanne Walstow

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