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You think that the more clothes you have the more outfits option you will have, but an overflowing wardrobe can be overwhelming sometimes. It can confuse your style, because you feel like you ‘have nothing to wear’. A stylish person often have less items than you think. While investing in good quality can mean higher price range, affordable clothing items are available for those who are on a lower budget plan. Id Couture has picked three of the top trends in 2017 and put together outfits for High Street Fashion Buys and High End Fashion investment. The trends gives you the opportunity to update your wardrobe.

Here are our top three fashion trends  for 2017…


For those pink-obsessives fashionistas pink is a major trend colour which we will see a lot of this year. We are talking pink pink. From light blush to Nineties electric pink. There were different tones of pink, but the common feeling is nostalgic.

Style tip: If you want to wear pink, but want to pump up the edginess, try mixing it with materials like imitated matt or shiny leather.

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High End Fashion

High Street Buys

High Street Trend


 This season’s silhouette is super-sized, extra wide and wearable trousers. It’s the new volume that will bring boldness to your look.

Style tip: If you go volume somewhere, then go slim somewhere else. If you have slender waits, these pants will bring your figure to the ideal <<hourglass shape>>. Pair the wide-legged pants with a fitted top, like a crop top or a fitted turtle neck.

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High End Fashion Wide Pants

 High Street Buys

High Street Fashion Wide pants


The trend has been here for three seasons and it will continue to carry forward. There are always been seen stripes in several catwalks every season, but this time is different. Stripes in every colour, shape, size and from. It’s those statement stripes that can be seen from distance away. Keep it simple with one stripy clothing or go for top to bottom stripy look that will bring out some ‘’look” at me attitude.

Style tip: Not fully warm weather now, go for a knitted clothing item to keep you fresh.

Invest in…

High End Fashion Bold Stripes

High Street Buys

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By Atifa Castillo Khani

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