Paris Fashion Week: The Top 5 Fashion Shows

Paris is the last stop in the world’s four major fashion weeks, and it’s for good reason. In the spirit of Vanessa Williams, they save the best for last. Each week’s fashion has its own flavour, but Paris’s determination to see fashion as art makes it the most fun by far. In the City of Love, the creativity never ceases to amaze.

That’s what made picking just five favourite shows so difficult – they’re all great! But with that said, pick our favourites we did. These are our Top 5 shows from Paris Fashion Week! 

Acne Studios

paris fashion week 2016 id couture styling acne studios

The Acne Studios collection this season is like a scrapbook. It’s all different patterns and colours pieced together to create one beautiful product. Acne’s collections are often futuristic as informed by the past; they’re not just creative, they’re smart. This season is no exception!

Yang Li

paris fashion week 2016 id couture styling yang li

What I love about this collection from Yang Li is that it is a prime example that minimalism doesn’t mean boring. Small injections of colour, and clever use of shape create a collection as artistic and playful as any other in Paris. Black and white doesn’t have to mean dull.


paris fashion week 2016 id couture styling givenchy

It’s no secret that opulence is not in right now. Decadence, after a small revival, has been pushed to the side. But Givenchy has created a collection that dances right on the borderline of excess – in the best way possible! These pieces are gorgeous and unashamedly luxurious, without ever crossing the line into over-the-top.

Isabel Marant

paris fashion week 2016 id couture styling isabel marant

This season, Isabel Marant has created a collection that plays with many concepts, and has presented a collection that is all overtly feminine, Bohemian, and beyond chic. Evoking the earthy revival of Chloé from seasons ago, Isabel Marant uses neutral hues, girlish florals, and experimental shapes to create a collection that is both classic and current.


paris fashion week 2016 id couture styling kenzo

Like Isabel Marant, Kenzo has played with a lot of elements this season, yet somehow manages to channel them all into one cohesive collection. Utilitarian cuts meet floral prints. Simple slip dresses contrast with artistic gowns. Kenzo’s vision is clear, even when juggling several ideas and funneling them into one.

Paris Fashion Week was just as fun, if not more, than every other from the past month! Each collection shown from the week was simply amazing in its own way. Just like all art forms fashion is subjective; these are simply our favourites from the week!

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By Darcy Wilson

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