Top 5 Celebrity Style Icons for Men

In this day and age, we have so much fashion thrown at us and so many places to take inspiration from. Whether you prefer looking towards Instagram or magazines, there’s no denying that the red carpet is still the hub where all of this style inspiration is born, and it makes total sense that we then follow the celebrities we watch on those carpets everywhere they go looking for more.


drake collage 2

Drake meshes vintage hip-hop vibes with modern, clean lines to create a look that fits in with the pack while allowing him to stand out as his own person. Whether it’s taking inspiration from Cam’ron’s famous pink styles, or sticking to plain tees and jeans, Drake goes all in on basics and spices them up with personality.

Jaden Smith

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Jaden Smith has become an unlikely style icon of late, mixing raw masculinity with androgynous fashions (and feminine cuts). While he was introduced to the world as Will and Jada’s son, he’s made his way in campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Chanel with his bold and unique take on fashion.

Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson epitomises the shabby chic trend for men. Softly tailored silhouettes and carefree cuts come together to create a look so easy and laid back it looks like no effort has been made at all. Look to Robert Pattinson for casual day-to-day looks, as well as how to rock the red carpet without looking too stuffy.


pharrell collage 2

Pharrell is able to merge smart styling with street sensibilities, pushing boundaries with oversized fedoras and tuxedos with shorts. However, one thing he always manages to do is look smart and sharp. Utilising classic, neat cuts with his forward-thinking, Pharrell always looks ready for business without looking dull.

Idris Elba

idris collage

Whether it’s black tie attire or casual looks while travelling, Idris Elba works basic looks into stylish outfits that any man can easily emulate. Idris is easily the everyman of this list, showing us how to up your style without going too OOC. This year’s Met Gala co-chair has become an unlikely fashion icon, turning the plain into perfection on a regular basis.

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Whether you’re looking to dress for an occasion or just up your game day-to-day, these are the men to look to. But of course, fashion and style are all about what makes us feel and look our best, so don’t forget to trust your instincts and, of course, have fun with it!

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By Darcy Wilson

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