Top Kids-Wear Brands for Boys and Girls

There are so many kids-wear brands creating unique and diverse outfits for children. It is possible to dress your children in any style you want and just like us kidswear has seasonal trends whether that be; casual, preppy, tomboy, chic or sporty. Fashion is a form of self expression, and children have the opportunity to display their personality through an outfit too. With celebrities’ children showcasing their cute ensembles, it is resulting in a demand for the children’s fashion industry to keep up. We have done a roundup of our favourite top fashion brands that cater to both girls and boys and unisex. There are no rules anymore on what colours and styles you children can wear, the main aspect to consider  and support their individuality and personal style from the early years.



Monnalisa is one of the greatest kids clothing brands as it offers such a wide range of styles for both genders. It has beach wear, jackets, accessories, underwear, shoes and everything you would ever need for a child’s wardrobe. The females section has a range of delicate, pretty but simple clothing that would suit any girl and the boys range offers great casual clothing.

Shoes | Dress

Hat | Shirt | Shorts


What mother made is one of the most popular homemade children’s clothing brands. The  brand delivers unique, made-to-order frocks, dungarees and chunky-knitted pompom hats. The great thing about it is that they offer the same prints for each gender like the one below.

Girls Set | Boys Pantaloon


Velveteen is a children’s clothing brand that produces finely crafted and hand-embroidered items with the use of Indian techniques. They provide employment to mothers who would otherwise be unable to provide education for children who would otherwise be unable to attend school. Their clothing items have beautiful hand-made detailing and their use of ruffles is to die for.

Bag | Jumpsuit | Jacket

Shorts | Shirt


Stella McCartney is widely known as an established adults clothing line, however, her children’s clothing line has a great range to choose from. She focuses on comfort which is important for a lot of children as they love to run around and play without being agitated by their clothing.

Swan Short | Splatter Jeans

Jeans | Shirt

Print is a big trend across all kidswear this season and is inspired by boho, retro, floral, gingham tropical and animal references. The classic nautical is always present as are cute accessories to match. Kidswear continues to grow into a more unique and personalised space to reflect trend-setting kids and their parents. A quick hashtag on instagram #kidsstyle and you will see a dedicated group of insta-style kids and their galleries of fabulous and super cute outfits.

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By Olivia Weckerle

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