Top style tips for curvy women

For the past few years, social media has been setting an example of how women should look like: skinny. However, this absurd it’s finally coming to an end; public figures around the world have been embracing the curvy types, stopping the body shaming and setting the example that beautiful doesn’t always mean slim.

Embracing the fact that all body shapes are beautiful and unique in their own way, we decided to share our top five personal styling tips that are dedicated for dressing curvy shapes.

Style Tip#1 Choose the right undergarments

To have a good outfit isn’t enough, you need the right foundation to pull it off. Get professionally measured so you can get the right size of bra.  Also, don’t be afraid of shapewear it is designed to smooth out any bumps and can give you a gorgeous base for the garments to drape.

Style Tips for Curvy Women

Shape wear | First set bra | First set panty | Second set bra | Second set panty

 Style Tip#2 Avoid oversize clothing

Show off your feminine shape, stop trying to camouflage your body with clothes that actually make you look bigger. Choose well-fitted clothes, like: fitted button-up shirts, tailored blazers and flared skirts.

Style tips for curvy women                                                                                   Skirt | Button up shirt | Shoes | Chain bag

Style Tip#3 Belts are your styling friends

A belt can do miracles, it can show off your waist or hips and define your curves. If the clothes you are wearing have a little bit of extra fabric, a belt will do the trick to flattering your shape and balance your look.

Style tips for curvy women

Skirt Crop Top | Belt | Shoes| Purse| Lipstick

Style Tip#4 Tailoring

Well tailored clothes can make a huge difference in the way your outfit looks on your body. Avoid anything that is not fitting right, take the time to shop around or get items tailored to fit your shape, remember we are all different and it’s ok to get clothes altered to fit your body.

Style tips for curvy women

Trousers | Blouse | Shoes | Purse

Style Tip#5 Wear what makes you feel good

Don´t try to be someone else, forget about what people tell you to wear so your body looks “better. Be yourself and that includes wearing the outfit that makes you feel happy, confident and comfortable.

Style tips for curvy women

Dress | Second dress |Shoes | Cross-body purse | Sunglasses

This are some basic style tips you will need to keep in mind, so you can embrace your figure and remember that “Nothing wears better than confidence”– “idcfashionstyling.

By Hilde Melendez

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