Top style tips for petite women

Selecting the right fit for petite women can be challenging, I should know. For a long time, I had a hard time finding the right clothing to wear, a lot of the trends that were in at the moment didn’t fit me well and I couldn´t understand what I was doing wrong.

Until one day I realized that it wasn´t about the clothing or the trends, it was about choosing the right fitting for my type of body. So today, this post goes out for all the petite women out there, who are having a hard time finding their style. There is still hope ladies, today I´m going to give a few style tips for petite women.
The first step is to determine what I mean by petite, consider yourself part of this club if you are small in size and height (5’4”). Now, our main goals are going to be to appear longer, avoid making ourselves shorter and create a flattering silhouette.

#1 Lower Half Body

Create optical illusions and make yourself look taller by: wearing vertical patterns, sticking to monochrome outfits and avoiding short trousers that stop at the ankle, instead wear high wasted pants these could be tapered or wide leg, with heels.

Styling tips for curvy women

Black top|Black shoes|Black jeans|Red clutch|Stripe trousers|White blouse|White shoes|Silver handbag

#2 Upper Half Body

Your neckline is very important, try using v neck styles where possible. Button up shirts will also give the appearance of a longer torso, it´s fundamental that your tops stop at the hipline anything below and you´ll start shortening your legs. Create some vertical lines by using straight and fitted jackets and coats.

Styling tips for petite women

Flannel shirt|Navy blazer|White blouse|Beige blazer|Jeans|Shoes|Sunglasses

#3 Accessories

Some accessories will help you look longer such as: long necklaces, which will lengthen your neck; nude court shoes and boots that stop just below the knee will help your legs appear longer; also try to use glasses and sunglasses that are in proportion with you face. Avoid using oversized jewelry and handbags, however these items can be personal, so if you love it go for it anyway.

Style tips for petite women

Coat|Cami dress|Necklace|Shoes|Handbag|Lipstick

#4 Your Hair

Avoid just having your hair down (if you have short hair)  have fun by putting your hair up in a high bun or a high ponytail. Any hair style that shows your neck will add height and accentuate your facial features.

Styling tips for petite women

I hope all this tips help you out, but remember the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin as beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

By Hilde Melendez

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