Top 3 hair trends for women and men


 id couture has picked out 3 hair trends for him and 3 hair trends for her. These are some of the biggest hair trends we will see this year.

Woman’s Hair 1- SUPER SLEEK


One of the biggest top three hair trends for women is the Super Sleek. Time to bring out your flat iron and make you hair shine.  Centre-parted, straight and shiny.

               Tip: Be sure to use heat protector for your hair before using the hair straightener. Use a small amount of smoothing serum to tame down those frizzy hairs.

Women’s Hair Trend 2 – GROWING-OUT SHAG

The inspired 70s rock hairstyle suits most people, if they get the right cut and style it correctly. The hair is just past the shoulders.  Grown-out bangs long enough to be split down in the middle.

    Tip: Apply a volumizing mousse to clean damp hair. Then use your fingers to shape it.

Women’s Hair Trend 3 – GOLDEN BRONDE

When it comes to the colour of the hair, the trends are saying go GOLDEN BRONDE. The perfect warm-toned hair colour that can be adjusted to work well on all skin tones. It’s not blonde, it’s not brunette. It’s somewhere in between.

     Tip: Depending on how blonde the hair is, use a light to strong purpled shampoo and purple condtioner to keep your hair colour from turning brassy.

Men’s Hair Trend 1  – MESSY LONG HAIR

The messy long hair is on trend this moment and will be going strong in 2017. Long hair all one length, long fringes, medium length sides with more length on top with plenty of slicked back look for extra coolness. Perfect hairstyles for thick hair and curly hair.

Tip: The secret is a saltwater spritz to get the messy yet defined effortless look.

Men’s Hair Trend 2 – CLASSIC

Well-groomed medium length classic men’s haircuts. Slicked back, brushed back, side parts and combovers.

Tip:  Use a water-based pomade and comb through damp hair for a traditional slick look. Or go for more of a softer, contemporary finish by using matte paste.


Men’s Hair Trend 3 – FRESH CROPPED 

There is different cropped haircut style to choose from. Cropped features a bald fade, styled in a very natural way is one of the most popular haircut for men right now. This can suit straight hair, fine hair or curly hair.

 Tip: To get this look: quickly blow dry or even towel dry the hair. If the hair is fine, add some volume powder to the roots to get thicker looking hair

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By Atifa Castillo Khani

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