Types of Stylists

What is a stylist?

Stylists come in many forms and much to what little general public may know about us we have been integral to the industry for a very long time. As a stylist we can wear many hats and be involved in many facets of the creative progress. A stylist is a trusted advisor in all aspects of your wardrobe, hair, beauty, lifestyle and anything else that will enable you to fulfill your personal, professional or commercial requirements.

Private Stylist

Private Stylist also known as Personal Stylist is just that, private and personal with a real interest in people. A Stylist is a visual confidant of the client and their role is to consult and create the best creative expression of themselves. They use their knowledge of shape, colour and drape as well as knowledge of what product would be best suited to the clients’ brief. Private Stylists work with all types of clients from luxury market demands to high street and the budget conscious, every client has a story and a reason why they employ a stylist, sometimes it’s for a fun makeover session, take out the stress from shopping, relieve a busy lifestyle, sometimes they need to find an un-common size and other times there are more serious issues to deal with. No matter what challenge our client might have our main goal after each session is to provide an instant confidence boost to every booking by empowering them through clothes.

Commercial Stylist

The Commercial Stylist reflects on the range, the fit, how it is styled, the visual theme in marketing of product; campaign, look book, e-commerce, editorial, video, runway, retail, visual merchandising and so on… the selection of model and briefing in hair and makeup. The stylist works closely with designers, photographers, videographers, producers, directors, retailers to ensure the vision of the brand is executed to the brief created by the creative team as briefed in by the client.

Events Stylist

The Events Stylist offers a range of style packages for clients ensuring each event is bespoke to their needs. Style Events are perfect for any customer servicing industry such as; retail, hospitality, beauty, corporate and commercial sectors. Each event can be bespoke to include team-building, confidence boosting, make-up and grooming advice, style workshops, campaign activations, makeovers, style sessions and training.

Special Occasions Stylist

Special occasions can be wonderful but also stressful for some, weddings, celebrations, job interviews and milestones demand a certain dress code, a stylist can advise you on what your best options are for each occasion to ensure you look and feel your best.

Property and Interior Stylist

Property styling is specifically for clients who are preparing their homes / apartments to move in, for a sale or market interior spaces that inspire their readers or customers. The property or interior stylist will work towards the theme and select and arrange the best interior products to compliment the brief.

Style Team

A dedicated style team of private stylists, colour and beauty experts will treat shoppers to the ultimate experience in a style zone area of a retail space. The style experts will provide personalised advice and edit the most suitable product to help shoppers connect with retailers and empower their buying decisions.

Personal Branding Stylist

If you would like to consult on your look and to reflect your online and offline brand whether for your business, personal, social, dating profile or artistic use a stylist can help you achieve the best look by giving creating the most suitable wardrobe selection and giving guidance in hair, grooming, makeup, photography and videography for your headshots and or overall campaign.

Stylist Training

Reward shoppers by offering an exclusive styling service to help maximise their shopping experience. Training retail staff in the Art of Styling helps build long-lasting relationships between brands and shoppers.