Fedora Love

It is a fact that the fundamental accessory to help finish off any outfit, is the sartorial power of a great piece of headwear. With this in mind, we’re set to break down the suitability and key styles of the winter fedora for both the he and she.


They’re the perfect casual cold-weather accessory to finish any outfit for both sexes. Seemingly popular in the warmer-seasons as well (especially at music festivals), the fedora hat is a must-have this season, as it’s the perfect headwear to channel the dapper sartorial style. Even celebrity fashionistas such as Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Johnny Depp or even Harry Styles have all been spotted strutting a fedora.


There are various styles of fedoras so its important you select the right style that best reflects your personality and fashion style. We suggest you go shopping and experiment with different styles and sizes that best complement your face.


It is also important you opt for versatility and quality – invest in a well-made version; in a fabric like felt or wool (although this material is essentially great for winter season, it also works well for spring and early summer). Also stick to neutral hues such as grey or black and minimal details for basic versatility so you can wear them season after season.


We think most winter styled fedoras normally look gentlemanly charming on guys and super-chic on ladies – especially matched with a long trench coat or street style attire. They essentially add sophistication to any outfit and also best used for bad hair days!


If this is your first venture into the world of fedoras, we would recommend starting with an affordable felt version from a high street brand like Topshop/Topman, ASOS or H&M.


By Richard Ly

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