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As we all get on in life there are changes that are inevitable and that are going to happen whether we like it or not, wrinkles, grey hairs, achy bones etc and there are changes that we can control and hold off for a while. Our fashion sense should be in the latter category. DON’T BECOME BORING and dress to societies supposed age restrictions.

Today’s generation (whatever your age) is playing around with style and trends more than ever. When I was in my early teens I certainly didn’t look like the young Jenner’s or Hadid’s, I channelled the Last Friday Night Katy Perry look instead #awks


I just want to talk about Sex and the City for a moment. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda graced our screens for six years, we followed them through their highs and lows of life and even witnessed their best and worst dressed moments. We followed them from young & flirty right up to fifty & fabulous (movie 1 and 2), and whilst sometimes questionable, these ladies never failed to encourage and influence our wardrobe choices. When someone says SANT, first you think, fashion then you think Carrie Bradshaw, (then you will probably think of the Aidan, Big and Carrie love triangle and then get sidetracked into Carries love life and that’s just not where we wanna go).  Whilst I romanticise over Carrie’s life; career, fashion, attitude etc I think we all secretly channel an aspect of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda somewhere in our lives.


Sex and the City

I feel their is a slight gap and state of limbo for some women, they become unsure how they should dress and either feel too old in young clothes or too young in old clothes. How is the “ordinary” “everyday” “busy” “workingwoman supposed to dress and what trends are they supposed to follow?

Well, hopefully we have the answers for you.

Styling Tips 

First of all, and ALWAYS, you have to dress for you and wear things you like.

Looking at inspiration boards and role models is perfectly ok, because you have your own style and you will look different in something slightly similar. There might be the Kendall Jenner’s, Olivia Palermo’s and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s of the fashion world, but there are also the Cindy Crawford’s, Claudia Schiffer’s and the Salma Hayek’s still rocking the latest trends.

Each generation can influence the other, think of Hepburn and Monroe, they have been an inspiration for grandmothers, mothers and now the millennials. Don’t forget to look closer to home for creative vision as well, you can influence your mother and visa versa. I regularly raid my mums cupboard, especially her jewellery draws and in return she borrows from me !

marilyn-monroe-aurdrey-hepburn Marilyn Monroe


How to style different generations similarly

When it comes to wearing similar to your family members You don’t have to change the look up too much, as with anything it can be the slight change of one thing. I am quite lucky in the fact that me and my mum are similar sizes and we both raid each others wardrobes (although I have bigger feet so luckily or unluckily footwear is not shared).


Olivia Burton Black Watch | Balmain Black Leather Jacket | Calvin Klein Messenger bag | Adidas Superstar trainers | Boohoo Bangles | Topshop Shirt dress | Emporio Armani Watch | Topshop Moto Jeans | Mulberry Bag | Zara Shoes | Topshop Duster Coat | Anne Sisteron Bangle |


Zanellato Clutch | Steve Madden Sandals | Drop Earrings | Eddie Borgo Bracelet | Kate Spade Hinged Bangle | Kate Spade Gold Bangle | Essie Nail Polish | Valentino Dress | Dune Sandals | Oscar de le Renta Clutch | Ralph Lauren Drop Earrings | Kate Spade Bangle | Jules Smith Bangle | YSL Nail Polish | Helen Moore Scarf |


River Island Leopard Print Coat | Office Studded Boots | Kate Spade handbag | H&M V neck T-shirt | H&M Skinny Jeans | H&M Wool Coat | Office Chelsea Boots | Ted Baker Bucket Bag | H&M Long Sleeve Top | Gold & Black Statement Ring | Thomas Sabo Stone Bracelet | Pandora Friendship Bracelet Daniel Wellington Watch | Links of London Sweetie Bracelet | Kate Spade Bangle | Black Stone Statement Ring |


All of the looks shown I would wear both options, it’s just adapting it to suit your style,age, personality etc. For instance in all boards its changing the shoe, a trainer might not be everyone’s preference, a strappy sandal might not be to your taste, and a studded boot might be too daring for you. Even adding extra items to the look like the jeans in board one, the length of some items might be too risky, so adding a jean can change the look just slightly. Animal prints are in this season, but again its down to your personality, are you confident enough to wear a leopard print coat. Everyone has problem areas and parts of their body they don’t like, I for one prefer wearing high waisted jeans/trousers to suck in my stomach, it’s just finding ways to adjust the outfit slightly to make you feel more confident, for example in board three, if you are self conscious about your arms, swap the short sleeve for a long sleeve.

I hope you enjoyed reading about achieving your style no matter what age. If you would like more tips on how to style please get in touch to book a style session.

By Ash Mcguinness

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