How to style your dress

For this season, why not channel your inner stylist and create a new look with a statement dress of yours!

Dresses are without a doubt, one of the most flexible pieces of clothing. So when you want to take your dress from day to night or to just create a new look, you need to pick the right dress for the job!

Style Me Grasie

To get started the best thing to do is create a versatile wardrobe, this helps save space, time and money. Then when choosing your dress, I would go with an everyday dress, or one that can stand-alone and does not need much else to add to it. Its best to try and stick to neutral tones such as your whites, blacks, and nudes as you will find they are easier to blend when it comes to dressing up for two occasions.


Going from day to night usually means changing accessories or other elements of your look, without having to change the dress. Accessories are a very easy way to make a simple transition or add the final touch there are a number of accessories such as belts, jewelry, scarves, watches and can even mean your handbag.

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Another simple way is with your shoes- swap you daytime flats for some statement heels and it instantly dresses up your whole outfit! Finally a jacket can help alter the look of a dress, immediately taking it from day to night! It’s that easy!

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by Allyson Graham

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