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As someone who has struggled with finding my own social identity I am currently at a point where I am confident in my own personal style. I am a firm believer that peoples true style is a reflection of their own personalities. I say true style, because all of us at some point have worn a certain style to fit in with the crowd and while there are some people whose style does correlate with that, there are many conformists who go against what feels right to their true selves. To put it in one simple sentence, one would define my style as either bohemian, tomboy or comfortable. In saying this, I love to dress up on the occasion and feel feminine, however, in general, you are more inclined to see me with a maxi skirt or denim shorts, a denim jacket and a 70’s rock and roll band t-shirt. It is hard to pigeonhole my personal style, however, I will do my best to explain my personal style clearly.

A typical outfit I wear daily:

Necklace | Bracelet Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Denim Skirt | Converse David Bowie Tee

I absolutely love to shop at thrift shops, in fact, around 80% of my clothes are thrifted and I find it exhilarating to spot vintage pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. There is something that soothes my mind when rummaging through the endless racks and messy piles at thrift shops and finding that needle in the haystack.

Some may describe my style as a little mismatched, but I like that. My favorite high street store is ‘sportsgirl‘ and I am yet to see a piece of clothing in their store that I don’t adore.

Celebrity style I admire is that of Jemima Kirke, she played Jessa from ‘Girls’. Her style is so effortlessly cool and eccentric and the clothes her character wears in the show is chosen from her own wardrobe. Likewise, she is a lover of thrift shops.


  1. Spend time searching: The key is patience, as I said, thrift shopping for unique and expensive pieces is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack. Frustrating, yet, satisfying.
  2. Keep returning: Thrift shops are frequently getting in new clothes, it is important to return every week or couple of weeks to ensure you aren’t missing out on new gems. NOTE: Mid week is a perfect time to go thrift shopping as that is when most new stock comes in.
  3. Don’t worry about gender: I am not ashamed to say I have bought men’s jeans before to achieve that ‘boyfriend style’ relaxed fit. Furthermore, often the thrift shop employees put female clothes in the males section and you again, do not want to miss a gem.
  4. Don’t worry about size: Although I generally take an Australian/UK size 10, I have clothing that ranges from sizes 8-12. Almost all brands sizes are different, and you may miss an opportunity at finding a great piece of clothing because it isn’t your usual size.
  5. Look for quality: Although you are buying clothes at a discounted price, it is important to only buy things of quality as prices do add up and there is no point investing in something that won’t hold up over time.

The thrift shops I tend to shop at most are; lifeline, salvos and vinnies. Overall, thrift shopping for me has given me a great sense of my own personal style and helped me appreciate pre loved items.

By Olivia Weckerle

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