Style Steals for Men under $50

After the success of Style Steals for Women, we knew we just had to cover our fashionable men. There are so many men out there that want to look stylish but just don’t have the money. Well guess what, we’ve collected our fave style steals for men under $50 that you can wear with all of your outfits and dress up or down for any occasion. So sit back, relax and get your credit card ready because I can guarantee you’ll love these items as much as we do!

Zara Suedette Bomber

The Zara Suedette Bomber Jacket is an absolute style steal for just $39. This textured bomber is a neutral colour that will go with most of your wardrobe and keep you warm and stylish at the same time. We suggest wearing with a white collared shirt and nice dress pants for going out, or just with a shirt and shorts for a ‘bomb’ casual outfit!

style steal

Suedette Bomber

H&M Beige Chino

These Beige Chinos from H&M are a relaxed slim fit at only $34.95. Being known for their comfort, Chinos have become extremely popular with the male community for their style and relaxed fit. You can wear as is with a nice jacket and shirt to wear out or even cuff them at the bottom for a more casual look.

Style Steal

Beige Chino

H&M Deck Shoes

In my personal opinion, every man should own a pair of deck shoes. They are comfort and style all in one and an absolute steal for just $39.95. Supporting our personal favorites Navy, these shoes also come in a range of other colors to match your wardrobe and style. We suggest keeping things casual and wearing these with a pair of white shorts while out and about. Even wear them for their intended purpose when your out on the boat for that weekend away

style steals

Deck Shoes

ALDO Pedrog Watch

One of our tips that we have covered before is that a watch is a go to style savior! A watch can add colour, texture and class to your outfit as well as having the practical factor of telling the time. Usually watches are expensive, but this ALDO watch is a definite style steal at just $49.95. Can guarantee this will become your new best friend that you can wear will practically everything!

Style Steals

ALDO Watch

Burton Grandad Oxf Shirt

Our final style steal under $50, the Burton Grandad Oxf Shirt scrapes in our list at $49.95. This white, classy, no collar shirt is a definite style statement and will go with everything in your wardrobe. We suggest wearing this with a nice suit jacket for a formal event or just with a pair of shorts for a casual but stylin’ outfit.

Style Steal

Burton Shirt


style steals


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By Brofie Jiggins

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