The Top 5 Shows at Milan Fashion Week 2016

Where London leaves off, Milan steps in and ups the ante. From fashion week to fashion week, there is a clear arc that is built up from city to city. In Milan, the vibe is bright, it is fun, and it is all about ingenuity. Although each collection is stunningly brilliant, we always have our favourites. These are our Top 5 fashion shows from Milan Fashion Week!


milan fashion week id couture styling fendi 2016

Fendi is able to take elements from several key trends to create a collection that looks nothing but original. Building on the still present sleepwear-as-fashion trend, and mimicking cuts from decades past, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini have crafted a collection with something for everyone; from bold and sleek modern pieces, to looks far more conservative and traditional.


milan fashion week id couture styling tods 2016

This season, Tod’s opted to present their collection at event where they simultaneously displayed images of Timeless Icons. It’s easy to see why, as the collection itself takes the ease of Jane Birkin’s style and adds 80s spice into the mix. These Timeless Icons like Ali McGraw and Lauren Hutton are the perfect representation of the collection itself; well travelled, smart, and gorgeous.

Jil Sander

milan fashion week id couture styling jil sander 2016

Streetwear styles made a huge impact on the New York runways. While they took a backseat in London, they’re back in a new variety in Milan. Seeing Jil Sander’s collection, I was excited by the vibrant, 1980s-inspired take on street style, with urban edginess and experimentation not necessarily meaning a collection devoid of bold choices and colours.


milan fashion week id couture styling moschino 2016

Moschino is the house where pop culture meets fashion in the purest of forms. The idea that fashion should be fun is forever Moschino’s guiding principle; fun this season meant the typical barrage of bright colour, sexy and slinky cuts, and excess. At Moschino Jeremy Scott is able to do what no other designer can: shock us by giving us exactly what we expect.


milan fashion week id couture styling versace 2016

What makes Versace one of my favourite shows every single time is the unashamed celebration of the female form. Where in London Versus Versace opted for oversized and militant, in Milan Versace is sticking to what it does best. These pieces, as always, are made for the woman who isn’t afraid to make a statement, both with her clothes and about herself.

Every collection shown at Milan Fashion Week is beautiful in it’s own way, and just like any other art form, fashion subjective. These are simply our favourite shows from the week, not a defining best of the best. 

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By Darcy Wilson

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