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Festival fashion season is upon us which means you have the optimum opportunity to express your creativity through styling. There are various major music festivals that are famous globally, such as; Coachella in the United States, Tomorrowland in Belgium and Glastonbury in England. At the heart of each event, however, is a very specific vibe.


Coachella has long been famous for its ‘bohemian style’ and is well-known for an array of free and flowy fabrics, statement jewellery, denim cut-offs, wide brim hats and crop tops. For those lucky enough to trek to Indigo, California for Coachella this year, you need to have clothing ensembles fit for the event. The great thing about this particular event is the freedom you have to play around with colours and fabrics. It is a festival that holds no barriers back so let your creativity take over. The pieces below are ensembles perfectly fit to conquer festival fashion and make anyone look like a modern day Janis Joplin.

Style Inspiration



Floral Dress | Sunglasses | Nail Polish | Hat Dr Martins Boots

Sunglasses | Boots | Denim Shirt | Hat | Jeans


Tomorrowland, the electronic music festival held in Belgium, is another holds no barriers event in terms of partying, music and fashion. The event is known for its outrageous ensembles to suit the theme of the event. The ensemble below will give you both that outrageous impact, as well as that taste of class one should always strive to attain. The crowds within EDM festivals are intense, therefore, it is important to choose outfits based off comfort. An outfit that is casual with subtle pops of colour is a great choice for Tomorrowland.

Style Inspiration


Boots  | Sunglasses | Crop Top | Embroidered Jeans

Tropical Shirt | Denim Jeans | Boots |Sunglasses


Glastonbury fashion generally takes careful planning and crowds go all out to ensure they stand out. The go-to look is a mixture of bohemian and tomboy, with a hint of a 70’s vibe. A cute, yet practical, pair of boots is essential due to the mud and a jacket is needed as the cool English weather kicks in during the night time acts. To master festival fashion for Glastonbury this year, it is best to aim for a mix of comfort and quirkiness.

Style Inspiration


Leather Biker Jacket | Boots | Fedora Hat | Dress

Shirt | Sunglasses | Ripped Jeans | Boots | Denim Jacket


If you’re looking for more inspiration or help with styling, get in touch with us and make a booking. You can also head over to our Pinterest board for more styling suggestions.


By Olivia Weckerle

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