The Loungewear Trend

The lounge-wear trend is a style that is both comfortable and sleek. If approached correctly, the resulting ensemble should be stylish, comfortable and sophisticated. It is possible to make typically nightwear pieces look fashionable if paired with the correct outfit. The lounge-wear style can vary from silk pyjamas to tracksuits, dressing gowns or slip dresses. The lounge-wear trend has been seen on both genders and in 2017, it is acceptable to walk out of your house wearing some form of pyjamas. So embrace this casual, effortless look while you can and try the lounge-wear trend ASAP.

Whether you are wearing lounge-wear around the house or pairing it with an outfit for a day out, there are sure ways to do it with style. Chelsea De Luca lounge-wear has an array of amazing silk pieces that could be worn for leisure or out on the town. Pairing lounge-wear with a unique piece of her jewellery will result in an outfit to die for.

Chelsea Da Luca Lounge-wear pieces |

Below are some lounge-wear style ideas that would be effective on an everyday basis. Both of these examples, men or women could wear comfortablyly whilst remaining chic.

Light Blue Shirt | Track suit pants | Cardigan | Backpack | Ballet flats

Bomber Jacket | Shorts | Shirt | Sunglasses | Boat shoes

Street Style Lounge Pijama Look

There are many different ways to nail the lounge-wear style but it is important to incorporate your own sense of details in to it, whether that is through neutral coloured tracksuits, colourful silks or a floral print. The lounge-wear trend is a unique new style that combines comfort, effortless and cool features. What makes the loungewear trend so great is that it can be easily mixed and matched and has unisex qualities and appropriate for all season qualities, give it a try…

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By Olivia Weckerle

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