How to Get the Best Out of Vintage Shopping

One of the best things about fashion is that it works kind of like a glittering, flamboyant, slightly erratic carousel – all the best trends from each era will inevitably come hurtling back around again. Undoubtedly the reigning decade of the summer has been the 70s, and with autumn’s penchant for the hyper-feminine toughened up with Rock ‘n Roll accessories, it seems the era of rockers and hippies is going nowhere. It’s no surprise that vintage shopping is becoming ever more popular – there’s something thrilling about wearing a piece of clothing that was actually there at the inception of the trend. Your own original artifact from the culture of way back when. So to help you snag your own precious piece of fashion history, here are our Top Tips on how to get the best out of vintage shopping:

Top Tips:

  1. Knowing your sizes in British, European and US measurements is a real time saver cutting down on the guesswork when raiding the rails.
  2. For vintage fairs and markets try to get there early. Some fairs even offer pre-sale before general opening for a few additional pounds on the entry price.
  3. Take a belt – lots of vintage dresses and tops can be given shape and even modernised with the simple addition of a belt.
  4. Get creative: having basic sewing skills (or heading to a tailor if you’re willing to invest) can really widen the scope of vintage shopping. Love that jacket but hate the 80s shoulder pads? Take them out! Adore a 70s maxi skirt but know midi-length suits you better? Get hemming!
  5. Last but not least don’t be afraid to haggle. One-of-a-kind vintage pieces don’t come with an RRP so most store owners will be receptive to haggling.


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Vintage - August 2016
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By Leanne Walstow

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